Post-Convention Deja Vu

Before you read any further, I need for you to travel back in time two years to this post.  You know . . . for reference.

I’ll wait here.

Done?  Good.

I returned home from the FPEA Convention in Orlando on Saturday afternoon and found this in my backyard:


Is that the gate I hit with my car two years ago?

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Grand Prix Racing

Mace turned 7 last Thursday.

But I don’t understand how that happened, since he just looked like this a few days ago.


Seriously.  How can a child look like that . . . only, like, yesterday . . . and then suddenly be able to do this today?



It’s a mystery.

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Tiny the Whale and His Arch-Nemesis the Shrimp

After putting forth all that effort to post twice a week for a couple of weeks, I bailed out completely last week because it was production week for Oliver Fish. For the past three years, Casey has been a part of DeArmon CAST, a fantastic drama program in Tampa.  You may recall his debut year […]

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Da Vinci in December

Pushing along in December . . . about a week before Christmas, Flamingo Joe informed us that his work project would be “going live” New Year’s Eve and he would be required to spend the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day in Russellville, AL.  We had already cancelled Porkapalooza because the demands of his […]

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Hippie Hair and Answered Prayer

Last week I promised you a better picture of hippie hair me.  Here it is: Ack.  After seeing this picture, I realized it was time to visit my friend/hairdresser Kathi.  Seeing myself in the mirror every morning and evening was not enough motivation, apparently.

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Ornament Bombs and the Circle of Life

Looking through my December picture folder, I see that at some point after our visit to Brooker Creek in early December, our Friday co-op had its Christmas party. At this table, the children made ornaments by swirling paint inside plastic ball ornaments.

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It’s Even Worse Than I Thought

I haven’t blogged since November 5th.  That’s the longest hiatus I’ve taken since I started this blog.  I would love to explain to my four faithful readers why I haven’t blogged for so long, but it’s such a long string of boring reasons it would waste time. The bottom line is that there is much […]

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Tasty Tuesday (A Marginal Food Post at Best)

Heidi-Ho makes homemade pizza all the time. Sometimes she makes the dough from scratch. I make homemade pizza once every three or four months. I never make the dough from scratch. I buy it at Publix whenever it’s on BOGO. All of that is to say that while Heidi is a more experienced homemade pizza […]

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21 Poetry Clues

Last year and this year, Heidi-Ho and I somehow convinced our kids that on Halloween it would be more fun to hang out at Casa Flamingo than it would be to dress up and beg for candy door-to-door.  Last year, when we concocted this alternative, we knew it would have to be extremely attractive to […]

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Poetry Thursday (brought to you by Casey)

Casey’s language arts assignment this week (and last) taught him about writing poetry. He learned about imagery, figurative language, and how to use sensory details, personification, etc., to draw the reader into the poem. We use Sonlight’s Core G and I’ve been pretty hands off with his language arts, letting him walk through the lessons […]

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